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∞therside collective
[international improvisation collective]

An itinerant improvisation collective whose members come from around the world. We convene annually for a 16-day residency and performance period. We each bring our own practices to expand the common language of the David Zambrano’s Passing Through practice. 2018 brought us to Bratislava, Slovakia and 2019 brings us to Thessaloniki and Stavros, Greece for research, teaching and performances.

Currently scheduling residencies. performances, and teaching internationally

Performed at: T3 (Bratislava 2018), Studio 12 (Bratislava 2018), Studio 29A (Thessaloniki 2019)

Members 2018-2019: Sarah Chien (USA), Vicky Angelidou (GR), Francesca Caselli (IT), Sarah Chien (USA), Susanna Grob (CH), Paul Guenot (UK), Valentina Azzati (AR), Ingvild Bertelsen (NO), Michal Freriks (SK)